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Our CoolTouch interactive kiosks have been developed and build in Scandinavia in close co-operation with our kiosk clients.  These touch screen kiosks are well-designed, robust and virtually maintenance free. Based on industrial kiosk computer and made from high quality materials our kiosks are highly durable and are safe to leave unsupervised. 

All CoolTouch interactive kiosks come with specially designed kiosk software that offers remote kiosk management capability from a location of your choice to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective kiosk operation.

We currently offer two main-stream interactive kiosk models, which can be transformed by a wide choice of peripheral kiosk equipment to provide a perfect kiosk solution for your particular needs and kiosk application requirements. We are also offer bespoke kiosk design and manufacture services, please contact us contact us for more information.

CoolTouch Kiosk Wave - internet and interactive kiosk

  CoolTouch Kiosk Tube - information & interactive kiosk

CoolTouch Kiosk Wave - kiosk range


CoolTouch Kiosk Tube - kiosk range

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