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eCONTEX is a leading kiosk software and kiosk hardware provider of touch screen kiosks, self-service internet terminals and interactive information delivery kiosks.

Our extensive expertise and wide kiosk product range allows us to deploy seamlessly and effectively touch screen kiosk projects that range from simple unsupervised public internet access kiosks to interactive kiosks which act as highly sophisticated public information delivery systems.

Whatever your kiosk requirements, we can offer a complete kiosk solutions package with a limitless potential to exploit additional revenue streams and capitalise on effective marketing opportunities.

In addition, we offer customised touch screen kiosks and best-of-breed kiosk software to suit your particular needs and requirements.

Call us on 020 3432 8962 or e-mail our team if you are looking for a dedicated professional supplier of touch screen kiosks or sophisticated kiosk software for your informational or internet kiosk project.

Kiosk value proposition


24/7 availability and accessibility  


User-friendly touch screen kiosk and
easy-to-use interface
Customisable kiosk interface to reflect
your corporate style
Best-of-breed kiosk software with secure browser  
Elegant & robust metal kiosk enclosure blends perfectly with any interior  
Additional revenue streams, information delivery & marketing channels  
Wide choice of kiosk peripherals (web-cam, barcode/card reader, printer, etc.)  
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